Fertilizer With Low Nitrogen

There are plants that do not require a high level of nitrogen such as plants that produce vegetables, fruits, and flowers. But for some other types of plants, the reverse is the case. These are plants that produce large foliage like lawn grass.


Low Nitrogen Fertilizer

To identify a package of fertilizer that is low in nitrogen, take note of the three numbers on the package. Every fertilizer has three numbers indicated on it and these numbers signify the levels of the three nutrients in the fertilizer. 

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Factors To Consider Before Using Fertilizer

Test The Soil Stick To The Fertilizer Label Instruction Overall Soil Health Is Important


A way to add organic material and other necessary nutrients to your garden soil without burning your plants is with low-nitrogen manure. But have it in mind that, it is not all manure that is being made in an equal manner.

Manure With Low Nitrogen

Before you begin planting in your garden soil, it is a great idea to first prepare the soil by adding compost. This helps to provide nutrients and organic materials to your soil.

Compost With Low Nitrogen

Bone meal contains is a soil additive that contains a low amount of nitrogen, but lots of calcium and phosphorus.

Bone Meal

Sometimes, a garden soil may contain a high level of nitrogen which can be as a result of adding high-nitrogen fertilizers to the soil improperly in time past.

Reasons For The Use Of A Low Nitrogen Fertilizer

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