10 Facts About the Japanese Meaning of Cherry Blossoms

The origin of the cherry blossom is not entirely clear. However, there are several theories on the matter. According to the most popular theory, cherry blossoms were first grown in Japan in the 8th century. Another theory suggests that they originated in China.

The Japanese word for cherry blossom is Sakura. The Japanese pronunciation of Sakura is Saakkaa. Sakura is a Japanese word with two kanji characters.  

Japanese Meaning 

In Japan, cherry trees are given a name which is based on the number of blossoms it bears each year........

Interesting Facts 

Japan is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun” because of its beautiful cherry blossoms. The country has more than 100 different varieties of cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms are a symbol of Japanese culture.......

Facts About the Japanese Meaning 

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