4 Simple Ways to Feed Your Plants: Roots Organic Nutrients Feeding schedule

Food plays a major role in our lives, we all need to eat regularly to stay healthy and alive. To ensure that food is readily available to eat, we have to grow fresh food to meet the huge demands in our local area and across the world.

Just as humans need food to stay healthy, so also plants require the right nutrients for them to grow. The first step you need to take when preparing for seedlings for a healthy harvest is to grow them in the right soil.

Best Way to Improve Your Plant Growth

Best Ways to Feed Your Plant Root with Organic Nutrients 

You can find 4 of the best ingredients you can feed your plants below.

Are you wondering how you can provide your plant with organic nutrients that can lead to more improved growth without spending much?


Fresh compost acts as a conditioner for your plants. In addition to being readily available, it is a highly effective way to provide your plant with vitality and nourishment.


Liquid fertilizers are great to use as foliar feeds and also for the plant roots. They are a quick way to add nutrients to your plants as they can easily be absorbed by plants due to their solubility.


Rotten manure can also serves as a great organic feed for your plant’s root. You want to ensure that they are properly decomposed...


Blood and bone are slow-release fertilizers which help to provide your plant root with nutrients on the long term.

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Few Tricks on Applying Fertilizers to Your Plant

When using fertilizers such as the ones mentioned above, you need to ensure that you:

Use fertilizers from organic sources as many of the regular products contain chemicals that can harm your garden and the environment...

You need to be conscious about how much fertilizer you use on your plant as too much can lead to plant toxicity. Remember also to make use of a root organic nutrient feeding schedule and chart so as to be certain that you are not overdoing things or not doing enough.

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