4 Ways To Kill Termites Naturally That Actually Work

Termites are such a nuisance for gardeners as they naturally occur in soils.  If you find termites in the garden, it means they have found a good source of food.Termites feed on cellulose that exists in either wood or plant remains.

Epsom is used in various ways and one of them is to kill termites.  This falls in the category of using Epsom as an insect solution....

Does Epsom Salt Kill Termites?

As a Mixture. Mix about 240ml of Epsom salt and 5 gallons of water and spray this where you have termites. As dry Epsom Salt.  Sprinkling dry Epsom salt in areas where you notice termites or slugs....

You Can Use Epsom Salt To Kill Termites.

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How Else Can You kill termites?

1. By Keeping The Moisture Levels Under Control. 2. Use Nematodes Kill Termite. 3. Go For Boric Acid

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