5 Ways On How To Propagate Rosemary

There are several ways how to propagate rosemary that we will look at today to help us learn how to do it correctly. Rosemary is one of the most common herbs that most gardeners love to grow. Some people even use rosemary as a herb in their cooking. So, please continue to read to find out.

·  Growing the plant from seed ·  Growing from cutting ·  Growing by division ·  Transplanting the plant ·  Grafting

Several Ways To Propagate Rosemary

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ONE WAY To Propagate Rosemary 

Step 1: Prepare the cuttings. Step 2: Water the cuttings Step 3: Take the cuttings out of the water Step 4: Place the cuttings in a propagator Step 5: Plant the rosemary cutting


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