A Detailed Guide On How To Germinate Seeds With Paper Towels

When it comes to germinating seeds with a pepper towel, this is a soil-less method of starting plants. This detailed guide will enlighten you on how you can germinate seeds using a paper towel.

Materials Required: – Seeds – Paper towel or a coffee filter – Zip lock bag or an airtight container – Sprayer bottle

How To Germinate Seeds With Paper Towel

Step 1- Make Some Cuttings Step 2- Wet The  Paper Bag Step 3- Place The  Seeds On The Paper  Step 4- Put It In A Zip  Lock Bag Step 5- Position The Bag  In The Appropriate Place   

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Guidelines To Follow

A good sign your sprouted seed is ready to be transplanted is when the radical or the white part of the sprout is visible. Use a good potting mix to begin transplanting.

More Things To Note 

1. It can help determine the viability of the seed 2. Helps with space management while germinating many seeds 3. The benefit of witnessing how seeds germinate 4. Many seeds sprout faster in paper towels compared to when they are sown in the soil

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Why Should You Consider Using Paper Towel

The types of seeds ideal to be germinated using a paper towel include all types of vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

Seeds That Can Be Germinated Using Paper Towel

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