A Guide To Cleaning Air Stones

You may be one grower that replaces your air stones frequently. Even though air stones are cheap to purchase and most growers just replace them, you can actually clean them to rejuvenate their value. So, let’s dive in and discuss how to clean an air stone for your plants’ benefit.

Airstone is a piece of porous stone or lime wood. They help create bubbles in water and are used to aerate hydroponic tanks or fish tanks.

What Is Air stone?

Step 1 Turn off or disconnect your air stones and take them out of your tank.  Step 2 Next, allow your air stone to boil for ten minutes on low heat.

How To Clean Air Stones

Step 3 When the air stones are dry, the next step is to soak them in a cleaning solution.  Step 4 The next step is to rinse off all the bleach.  Step 5  The next and final step is removing the air pump and allowing the air stone to dry. 

How To Clean Air Stones

·  Saves Cost ·  Airstone Lifespan Extension ·  Reduce Waste 

Benefits Of Cleaning Air Stones

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