A Guide To Cutting Broccoli Correctly

The leaves of broccoli can be eaten raw as a salad or added to stir-fries. They also make a great addition to soups, especially when combined with other veggies like carrots. If you want to try adding broccoli to your diet, start with a small amount. Start with a few cups of chopped broccoli and see how it goes.

It’s easy to eat raw broccoli, but you can get a lot of vitamins and nutrients from it if you cook it. But broccoli is one of the vegetables that are very easy to overcook. 

Why Is It Important To Cut Broccoli Properly?

-Cut off the floret stems  -Take a sharp chef’s knife and slice off the broccoli floret -Cut the large broccoli florets in half.

How To Cut Broccoli

-Start by cutting the base of the stem of any large floret in half. -Cut the stalk if you wish to. -The stalks are edible too, so you don’t have to throw them away.


Once your broccoli heads are ready for harvest, you can go ahead and cut them off the plants. Cut the broccoli off by slicing it down through the stem.

How To Cut Broccoli From Your Garden

Thick Brush Stroke

What You Will Need 

– A sharp knife – A container or basket to carry your broccoli home

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