A Guide To Enhancing Your Garden With Mushroom Soil

Though many people may not be familiar with mushroom soil, it can be a great option for many people. In fact, it is a suitable option for most gardens when it is properly used. Many people are even now beginning to make the switch to this practical and healthy option for their garden.


What Is Mushroom Soil?

Mushroom soil, also known as the spent mushroom substrate or mushroom compost, is a soil-like material that remains after a mushroom crop. It is the steam pasteurized, partially composted leftovers from mushroom growing media after the crop has been harvested. 

 Since mushroom soil is a slow-release, organic plant fertilizer, it is great for use in many vegetable and fruit gardens. In addition, you can even use it for perennials, shrubs, and trees as well.

What Is Mushroom Soil Good For?

Mushroom compost is often available at gardening centers. It is generally available as  SMC or SMS (stands for spent mushroom compost and spent mushroom substrate).

How To Use Mushroom Soil For Garden

Mushroom compost is a great addition to raised garden beds. You can top-dress the garden bed with the compost to help your plants receive the most benefits from it.

Is Mushroom Soil Good For Raised Beds?

Mushroom soil is commonly used as compost, as you don’t want to use only mushroom soil in your garden. You can continue to compost it over time, as it can benefit from composting for an additional six to 12 months.

Is Mushroom Soil The Same As Compost?

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