A Guide To Picking Carrots

Growing and harvesting carrot is an awesome way of taking advantage of the amazing nutritional value they offer. It is important to have an idea of how to tell when carrots are ready to pick so you can enjoy an amazing crop yield.

It is pretty easy to grow carrots. However, how to tell when carrots are ready to be picked may be quite dicey. This is usually because carrots are underground vegetables meaning they tend to grow underground. 

How Do You Know When Carrots Are Ready To Pick?

The proper period to harvest carrots will depend on the variety been grown. Hence, you should check out the information on your seed packet to know the harvest period.

Carrot Harvest: When To Pick

-The top of the carrot will be around ½ to ¾ inch. -The top of the carrot will also begin to slightly pop out of this soil. -The color of the carrot will as well be vibrant in color once they are ready to be picked.

More Tips To Know When To Pick Carrot

Thick Brush Stroke

Tips On How To Pick Carrot

Root Diameter Check Hydrate Soil Loosen The Soil Pull The Root Brush Excess Sand Remove Top And Store

Yellow Leaves
Yellow Leaves
Yellow Leaves

If you’ve decided to harvest your carrot, make sure you’re harvesting what you will use in a period of two to four weeks. Carrots will ripe around the same time.

Storing Carrot

You can as well store the harvested carrots in the fridge. Remember not to wash the carrots even when muddy. Only brush off excess sand or mud.

Refrigerating Carrot

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