A Guide To Using Household LED Bulbs For Growing

There is definitely a difference between regular household LED lights and LED grow lights.   The standard grow lights may be expensive and regular household lights are less expensive. This is why, you may want to know if growing with household LED bulbs is ideal. Read on to find out.

Growing with household LED bulbs is fine. In a few cases, you can grow your plants using household LED bulbs. However, you should note that these household bulbs are not designed for plant growing needs compared to the standard grow light   

Growing With Household LED Bulb

– Leaves start to show lighter color and some parts of the leaves may begin to turn yellow, – Plants grow tall with weak stems, – Plants’ growth may be stunted.

Signs Caused By Inadequate Light

Thick Brush Stroke

Types Of Plant Light Bulb

Incandescent Bulb

Fluorescent Light Bulb

High-intensity Discharge

Light-emitting Diode (LED): Daylight & Soft White LED Bulbs For Plant

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