A Quick Guide In What An English Cucumber Is

English cucumber is as well a fairly common variety of cucumber known. These common cucumber varieties come in different sizes, shapes, textures, as well as taste. These different cucumbers can come in many seeds and other types have fewer seeds. Amongst all these cucumber types, English cucumber is also a cucumber variety that we are familiar with.

What Is An English Cucumber?

An English cucumber can be called many different names such as seedless cucumbers, European cucumbers, burpless cucumbers, and hothouse or greenhouse cucumbers. 

The English cucumber appears long, thin, and straight. The length of this cucumber can be two times the length of a regular slicing cucumber. They can be as long as 14 inches.

Appearance Of The English Cucumber

You can purchase English cucumbers anytime because they are mostly sold all year round. However, they may be a bit expensive than the regular cucumbers.

Choosing English Cucumber Based On Appearance And Texture

This English cucumber has a more pleasant taste compared to the other regular cucumbers. This is mainly thanks to the fewer seeds. The skin of the English cucumber is thinner, it does not need to be peeled before eating.

The Taste And Texture Of English Cucumber

Most chefs and kitchen lovers usually favor the English cucumbers variety over the regular cucumbers in their cooking applications. This is mainly because of the edible skin and fewer edible seeds it offers.

English Cucumber Application

The ideal way to store the English cucumbers is by refrigerating them in plastic wrap. This should last or stay fresh for around a week so far the moisture is retained.

Storing English Cucumber

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