A Quick Guide To Adding Potassium To Your Lawn  

Your lawn requires a good amount of potassium, depending on the naturally present amount in the soil.  If your soil is naturally low in potassium, you will need to supplement it with are potassium-rich fertilizer. A soil test showcases what is available, and the nutrient is missing from the soil for more accessible nourishment of your soil. So, keep reading to find out.

Potassium, sometimes referred to as potash, is an essential nutrient that your soil requires. It helps your grass take other nutrients and use them.  It also helps in building strong cell within the grass or plants.  

What Is Potassium?

You can carry out the soil test on your own by buying a soil test kit from your gardener’s shop. 

How To Carry Out A Soil Test

Your grass will show signs of stress that include slow growth, yellowing or being highly susceptible to changes in temperature.

How To Tell If Your Lawn Has Enough Potassium

Lawn fertilizer has a high ratio of potassium. This fertilizer is rated using three numbers representing the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium they contain.

Choosing A Lawn Potassium Fertilizer

Apply potassium fertilizer biannually each spring and fall. You will have to add this fertilizer based on the results of the soil test.

Adding Potassium To Your Lawn

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Choosing The Best Potassium For Your Lawn

Use Dried Kelp Meal.    Use Hardwood Ash.     Use Sulphate Of Potash Magnesia.

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