A Step By Step Guide On How To Grow Your Own Crooken Neck Squash

Crooked neck squash is a warm-season vegetable that grows so easily and fast. It is also a very prolific summer squash plant. In this article, we are going to be looking at growing crooked neck squash. We will as well look into commencing crooked squash from seeds or seedlings, the right time to plant this squash, and many more.

Crooked neck squash is also known as yellow squash because of its yellow-skinned nature. It is botanically a member of Cucurbita pepo.  

Crookneck Squash

Crooked neck squash plants love to be grown in a warm environment. Hence, growing crooked neck squash plants should be in the warm season.

Crookneck Yellow Squash Plant

Growing crooked neck squash is pretty easy and it’s a great choice for beginner gardeners. This squash can be grown in most types of soil and the soil should be very fertile.

Growing Crooked Neck Yellow Squash Plant

After working the soil with appropriate compost or soil amendments, proceed to seed planting, 2 weeks after the last frost.

Growing Crooked Neck Squash From Seed

You can as well start your seeds indoors and transplant the germinated young seedlings outdoors.

Growing Crooked Neck Squash From Seedling

Thick Brush Stroke

Growing Recommendations For Growing Crooked Neck Squash

Sunlight Soil and Soil pH  Watering  Mulch  Fertilize

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