A Step By Step Guide To Making Rockwool Cubes 

It is one thing to buy ready-made rockwool plugs or starter cubes but do you know you can make some of these rockwool yourself? Making rockwool cubes will even cost lesser thereby saving you more. You also get more numbers of cubes at a lesser price. So, if you wish to learn how to make rockwool cubes for growing, read on to learn about this.

Rockwool is a natural product with a thick mat that comprises a long strand of natural fibers. After spinning the fibers, a binding agent is used to mix and press them into bigger mats or slabs.  

Rockwool Cube

Making your rockwool cube is a great idea to save up from excess cost. To make rockwool cubes, you need to obtain rockwool slabs.

Learn How To Make Rockwool Cube

Obtaining rockwool slabs will cost you lesser at the same time gives you plenty numbers of rockwool cubes to be used for planting.

Rockwool Growing SlabS

Thick Brush Stroke

Benefits Of Using Rockwool Cube

Water Retention & Draining   

Air Circulation 


Sterile & Safe 

Rockwool cubes preparation is an important step to take when using these cubes. Because of the manner in which they are made or manufactured, unprepared rockwool cubes have a very high pH.

How To Prepare Rockwool CubeS

A good way of preparing rockwool cubes for the purpose of lowering their pH is by soaking them in acidic water. This acidic water will dissolve the lime present in the rockwool fibers.

Rockwool Grow PreparationS

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