A Step By Step Guide To Planting Carrot Seeds  

Planting carrot seeds requires tons of patience as they take a long time to germinate which could make one think they died. The first season to be planted in spring and the second season in summer. It is usually planted after the last frost date of spring and should be sown in well-prepared seedbeds or holes. The seeds need to be planted between May 15th and June 15th.

 The seeds should be sown when the soil temperature is around 5°C and the ground is moist. Seeds should be planted 2-3” deep in rows 3-4” apart. 

Planting Carrot Seeds

The seeds should be planted in a fine seedbed that has been prepared with a hoe or other appropriate device.   The seeds should be sown in rows and thinned to the desired spacing.

How To Plant Carrot Seed

Carrot seeds can be planted in either direct or indirect planting methods.  Direct planting means that the seeds are planted directly into the soil, without a growing medium.

Sowing Method

Carrots seeds take a long time to germinate at least 30 days maximum.  During this time limit watering to provide only the required amount so you don’t interfere with the germination process


It is advisable to thin the seedlings to about 4-6 inches apart.  The seedlings need to be thinned every two weeks until the plants have reached a length of 8-10”.

Thin The Seedlings Once They Germinate

Irrigate with water whenever the soil dries out. Carrot is a cool-season crop and requires cool weather for optimum production.

Keep The Plants Moist

Seeds are best planted in a sunny location with well-drained soil. The soil should be kept moist until the seedlings have emerged from the ground.

Seedling Care

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Carrot Varieties

· Cortland  · Early Burpee  · Excel · Giant Winter

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Requirements For Planting Carrot Seed

Soil   Temperature  Soil Moisture Sunlight Spacing Soil Fertility

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