All About The 2400 BTU Air Container

This air conditioning system is made with energy-efficient components to reduce your electricity bill and save money in the long run. It is equipped with a compressor that has been designed to cool the room faster and quieter than the normal air-con.

The 24000 BTU air conditioner has an active fan speed of 1 to 5. It can be used for small rooms like bedrooms and living rooms. It is ideal for those who are not comfortable with loud noise from a fan.

The 24000 BTU Air Conditioner

The 24000 BTU air   conditioner is perfect for people who have allergies or asthma, as it has a  quiet mode.     The   24000 BTU air conditioner is suitable for rooms with a floor area up to 700   square feet (65 square meters).     

The 24000 BTU Air Conditioner – The Feature

The   24000 BTU air conditioner has a maximum power output of 10 000 watts.      It is   also ideal for people who have sleeping disorders.      It has a   5-year warranty and it can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations.   

The 24000 BTU Air Conditioner – The Feature

An air conditioner is an essential appliance in our homes. It helps us to keep cool and comfortable during the hot days of summer. There are many different types of air conditioners available in the market. They vary in size, shape, and function.

How The 24000 BTU Air Conditioner Work

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The air conditioner has three major parts and other parts 

The Compressor  The Condenser   The Evaporator  The Expansion Valve  Refrigerant Lines 


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