All You Need To Know About Bush Cucumber

Cucumber plants are easy to grow and they can be grown in the ground, raised beds, containers, or even hydroponic systems. They are one of the most beloved homegrown vegetable plants. Not all cucumbers are the same and there are so many cucumber varieties to choose from. Selecting which kind of cucumber variety is one step to growing cucumber successfully. So, read on to learn more on this.

Cucumber plants are easy plants that can be grown or added to your vegetable garden. Cucumbers originate from India and they have a cousin known as bitter melon which is still a staple as of today. 

Cucumbers Plant

-Slicing cucumbers are thick-skinned smooth types of cucumbers and are used for slicing and eating fresh. -Pickling cucumbers are short cucumbers with blocky and bumpy skin used for pickling.

Cucumbers PlantS

Cucumber usually grows in two forms which are vining and bushy. Bush cucumber (Cucumis sativus) has been bred to occupy only a short space with very short vines and has been made to produce an abundant result.

Cucumber Bush

The majority of the bush cucumbers only need about 2 to 3 square feet per plant. Their requirements are almost the same as vining cucumber type and they will mature in about the same period.

Bush Type CucumberS

Planting cucumber requires fertile soil and they will grow rapidly so far they get constant watering and warmth. Most of the cucumbers variety available in nursery gardens is vining plants.

Planting Bush Cucumber

Select a planting site with full sun as cucumber requires warmth and lots of light. Once the danger of frost has passed, turn over your soil with a shovel or spade. Create a long row of soil and space them 2 feet apart.

Planting In-Ground

Another way is to dig 4 inches holes with a trowel then slowly bring out the seedlings you’ve purchased from the nursery containers. Ensure the soil around the roots remains intact. Then put a seedling in each hole and cover it up with soil around the plant.

Alternative Planting Method

You can also grow bush cucumber in a container or pot. Select a container or pot of about 12 inches in diameter with drainage holes. The container should be filled with potting soil mix.

Container Planting

– If you’re short of garden space then bush cucumbers variety will be ideal for you. – They are perfect for container gardening. – With their small bushy size, they will give rise to plenty of yield.

Benefits Of Growing Bush Cucumber Variety

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