All You Need To Know About Caring For Begonia Julau

Begonia julau is a type of houseplant is characterized by their round dark leaves that feature pointed pink ends. The leaves of begonia julau look butterfly-shaped and the plant leaves are sometimes mistaken to be flowers because of the pink pattern of its leaves.

The plant is one attractive houseplant that can add beauty to your indoor space. The plant is characterized by this rare pink pattern on the leaves that add elegance to your home. 

Begonia Julau Description

Caring for begonia julau may seem tricky, especially for beginners. The deal behind this tricky reason is usually because of the water and light care.

Is It Easy To Care For Begonia Julau Plant?

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Caring For Begonia Julau

1.  Watering Requirement 2. Light Requirement 4. Soil 5. Fertilization  Requirement 6. Temperature 7. Humidity

Yellow Leaf
Yellow Leaf
Yellow Leaf

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