All You Need To Know About Planting Carrots In The Fall  

The beauty of growing carrots is that many planting and harvesting windows keep these nutritious roots on our plates throughout the year. Orange carrots are the most ordinary carrots, but you can try planting yellow, white, crimson, or even purple carrots. Besides the carrot color, choosing the right size and shape that suits your soil is critical. Carrots’ size and shape vary by type. slender types like imperator and Nantes carrots require deep loose soil.

With the calendar turning to September most gardeners, begin to think of wrapping up the gardening season. However, there is still time to plant several vegetables that can withstand the cold season for the southern gardeners.  

Let’s Look At Planting Carrots In The Fall

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Carrot Varieties For Planting In The Fall

– Merida  – Primo  – Red Cored Chantenay  – Little Finger 

The best time to plant carrots in the fall is September in raised beds if you live in the South and West areas.

When To Plant Fall Carrot

After the hot summer has passed and the fall begins, it is time for Southern gardeners to prepare their gardens and plant carrot seeds.

When Should Southern Gardeners Sow Their Carrots?

Gardeners in the upper South cancel carrots from late August into September. They are planting window is a bit shorter compared to the deep South.

Carrot Planting Tips For Southern Gardener

Northern gardeners should plant carrot seeds mid-to-late summer to get a fall or winter harvest.

When Should Northern Gardeners Grow Their Carrots?

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