Aloe Vera Stem Too Long? How To Fix It

Now, you might have an Aloe Vera poking out of its soil because the stem is pretty tall. If you are concerned that your Aloe Vera stem is too long, we will tell you what to do about it.

When your Aloe Vera stem becomes too heavy and long, it might begin to tip over. Even supporting it with a stick to help it stand upright and that might not be work because it might be too heavy. There are a couple of things you can do to solve these issues.

What to Do if your Aloe Vera Stem is too Long

For a small potted Aloe Vera plant that the stem is long and shooting out below, you can simply add more soil to fill the pot. You can opt for this if you don’t want to repot.

1. Repotting    Leggy Aloe      Vera

Another method of repotting deeper is to simply obtain a deeper pot with some compost grains. The deeper pot will accommodate the length of the Aloe Vera stem.

2. Repot Deeper

You can also cut some part of your Aloe Vera stem with a sharp knife and repot. Before repotting, allow the cut stem to dry out.

3. Cut and Repot

Thick Brush Stroke

Aloe Vera with too Long Stem Final Note

After you must have finished repotting, don’t water immediately. Wait a couple of days before watering. Allow the newly transplanted Aloe Vera to settle down in its container. This way, your plant will recover well from the stress transplanting.

Thick Brush Stroke


What do I do if my aloe plant is too tall?


How do you grow aloe vera leaves thicker?  


If your aloe vera plant is too tall, you can simply repot it in a bigger pot. 

You can grow aloe vera leaves to be thicker by simply supplying them with a good amount of sunlight.

Can you regrow aloe from a leaf?


Should you trim aloe plants?


You can regrow aloe from a leaf. However, the best form of aloe propagation is from its pups or offsets that will offer you faster yield.

It is advisable to trim your aloe plant when they are fully and bountifully grown. 

You should repot an aloe plant when they grow bigger and outgrow the pot they are in.

When should you repot an aloe plant?

As your Aloe Vera plant grows larger, one way or the other you might have to repot. You might even face the situation of a too-long stem and you might be wondering what you can do. We will give you some steps on how to solve an Aloe Vera with a too-long stem so let’s begin.


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