Amazing Sources of Plant Silica Fertilizer

Although not a major plant nutrient, silica is still considered to be important in any grow room. One of the most abundant components in the earth’s crust, silicon is a major contributor to the plant kingdom.

Silica is what is commonly used to refer to the compound silicon dioxide. It is a major component of plant tissue and is formed when oxygen and silicon come in contact. A lot of plant growers believe ...

What is Silica?

Silicon is needed as part of a balanced diet for every healthy individual. It plays a major contribution to bone and teeth development and as such should be included in our ...

Silicon Health Benefits

Thick Brush Stroke

Sources of Plant Silica



Calcium Silicates


Sodium Silicate


Thermo-Phosphate Fertilizers

Helps to Strengthen Plant Cell Walls

Benefits of Silica in Plant


Strengthen Plant Immune System


Improves Plant Metabolic Function


Depending on the product you are using, you need to follow the dosage prescribed. During the early stages of plant development, it is advisable to feed them ...

How to Add Silica to Your Plants

You can apply silica to your plant either as a foliar spray or to the roots; but for maximum absorption, it is best you apply minerals with the aid of a foliar spray. Remember to dilute the silica and add the solution to the reservoir to avoid contamination with other elements.


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