Are Cilantro Stems Useable?

Cilantro is readily available in most grocery stores and can also be grown in your own home garden. It is a great herb that many chefs like to have on hand in their kitchens. It has a signature taste that wonderfully complements many different dishes. Keep reading to find out.

Cilantro is a type of annual herb that is part of the family Apiaceae. It is also called coriander, Chinese parsley, or dhania. Though the leaves and seeds are the most commonly used parts, the stems, along with the rest of the plant are edible. 

Using Cilantro In Cooking

Do you eat cilantro stems? Despite what some people think, cilantro stems are edible. Though other herbs may not have stems that are edible or taste good, cilantro does.

Do You Use Stems Of Cilantro?

To start off, wash off your cilantro and then pat it dry. Then, line it up and chop off the bigger, thicker part of the stems at the bottom, if desired. Sometimes the bottoms of the stems can be too thick and woody for some people’s preferences.

How To Chop Cilantro

Freshly picked cilantro will last for about seven to 10 days in the fridge when properly stored. It is a perishable herb, so it will only last for a few hours at room temperature once you pick it.

How Long Does Cilantro Stay Good?

Cilantro that is soft and discolored is no longer good. In addition, if it has an off-smell or taste, you will want to disregard it. If there is any mold or it feels slimy, throw it out right away as it is not safe to eat.

How To Tell If Your Cilantro Is Bad

If you want to grow cilantro, the best time to do it is in cool weather, such as early spring. You should plant it in loose soil that has good drainage and in a spot that has full sun.

How To Grow Cilantro At Home

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