Are COD LEDs Worth Buying?

COB LED lights offer some great advantages to growing plants. COB LED lights are definitely better than normal LED and some other types of LED because they offer more diodes and better lumen. Let’s take a look at some information on COB LED light, their features, and many more. So keep reading to learn more info.

The manner in which LED diodes are packed together is generally known as a chip on board (COB). They are the new LED technology and are packed together to form a single and powerful light source. 

What is A COB LED?

SMD has the ability to accommodate 3 diodes on the same chip and it can work with up to 6 contacts.

What is SMD Light?

Highly Efficient: Offers more input power.  Excellent Light Spectrum for plants: Available in different colors.   Deep Plant Canopy Penetration: COB penetration goes very deep and will even penetrate far beneath your plants’ canopy.  

Are COB LEDs Better? Advantages Of LED COB

Better Light Density: Offers much better and higher light density. Higher Light Speed: COB will cover the plants more evenly.  Minimal Heat: Safe to be placed close to plants.

Are COB LEDs Better? Advantages Of LED COB

One major disadvantage of using COB LED lights is that if one of the lights fails or spoils, you would have lost that particular or entire fixture.

Disadvantages Of COB LED Light

Thick Brush Stroke

Are COB LEDs Better: COD Vs. SMD LED Light

More Diode 




Color Temperature 

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