Are UV Lights Any Good For Growing Plants?

It is a general knowledge that it is necessary for grow lights to give off a certain wavelength for plants to flourish adequately and grow. But apart from these light wavelengths, some growers have come to terms that UV can benefit plant growth. UV light for plants is one wavelength that has been highly contested.

UV light also referred to as ultraviolet light is a type of light wavelength and also it’s a type of electromagnetic radiation. UV is a light that is invisible to the naked eye of humans and the light is measured in nanometers (nm). 

About UV Light

Grow lights can generate red wavelengths which are necessary for the flowering stage of a plant. Then we have the blue light for the vegetative stage of the plant.

UV Light For Plant

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The Types Of UV Light And Their Benefits To Plant

1.    UV-A 2.    UV-B – UV Light For Plant 3.    UV-C – UV Light For Plant


Even with the different drawbacks that we have heard UV light causes, there are still some good to them, especially to our plants.

Can You Use UV Light In Your Grow Room?

We can therefore see from the above that both UV-A and UV-B are the most ideal type of ultraviolet light to use for plants.

The Ideal UV Light For Plant

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