At What Stage Do You Plant Peppers?

There are many different great varieties of peppers you can grow, each that are delicious. No matter your experience as a gardener, you can grow peppers with the right knowledge. They are one of the easier plants to grow and they often produce a good-sized harvest. From red bell to jalapeno, there are some tasty options you can grow at home.

There are many great varieties of sweet and hot peppers that you can grow. You can eat peppers raw or cooked, as they taste great both ways. They are great for stuffing, casseroles, grilling, salads, and much more. 

When To Plant Pepper

Pepper plants need around one inch of water a week. You should allow the soil to almost dry up between waterings. On average, you will need to water them one to three times a week.

Pepper Care – When To Plant Pepper

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Best Peppers To Grow

Bell Poblano Thai Jalapeno Habanero Banana


Plant your pepper seeds 8-10 weeks before the last frost inside and once temperatures reach 55-60 degrees overnight, you can plant them outside. Be sure to water them one to three times a week and plant them in full sun.

Growing Your Own Pepper

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