At What Time Of The Year Do You Harvest Spinach?

What is so good about spinach plants is that you can harvest them as microgreen baby leaves or mature leaves. All of these are tasty when eaten raw or cooked. Each growth stage for the spinach has its benefit to the gardeners. To enjoy spinach’s different flavors and textures, you can easily plant spinach in intervals. Use the outer leaves like baby spinach or mature spinach.

You can harvest spinach throughout the growing season, from early spring to fall harvest. This cool-season crop is the best grown in the spring and again in the early fall when the soil temperature is between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When Do You Harvest Spinach?

Spinach harvesting is an easy process.  However, there are different methods to harvest depending on the maturity of a plant. You can harvest your spinach by cutting the leaf from the spinach plant.

How To Harvest Spinach

After harvesting your fresh spinach leaves, you now need to store them in the best way possible.  The two different ways to keep your spinach are dry cold storage and freezer storage. 

Storing Fresh Spinach

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