Best Black Light To Help Your Plant Grow

Plants require light to grow be it artificial light or natural sunlight.  In the atmosphere, UV light is also emitted in the light spectrum but it’s assimilated by the atmosphere before it gets to the earth’s surface. Black light emits UV radiation and we’ll be talking about their effect on the plant growth.

The ultraviolet spectrum released by black lights is in UVA and UVB. Various light wavelengths are absorbed by chlorophyll and phytopigments known as photosynthetic pigments. The lights are assimilated to carry out the process of photosynthesis. 

Ultraviolet Black Light For Plants Growth

Growing plants under black lights alone in the absence of white light may be damaging to your plants. However, in a safe dose, your plants may benefit from ultraviolet black light.

Effect Of Black Light (UV Light) 

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Effect Of Black Light (UV Light) For Plant Growth


Plants’ DNA

UV Resistant Crops

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