Best Plants For NFT System

The versatile Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is a type of hydroponic system basically used to cultivate leafy greens or vegetables. It is a hydroponics or aquaponics technique that is especially suited for commercial purposes.

Certain Herbs: they grow pretty fast. Salad or Leafy Greens: types of spinach, lettuce, and arugula.

Best Plants Grown In NFT System

Brassicaceae Family: cruciferous vegetables Certain Fruits & Flowers: NFT channel are strawberries.

Best Plants Grown In NFT System

1. The Root System Should Be Minimal 2. Plants Should Be Lightweight 3. Short Harvest Period

Characteristics To Consider When Choosing Plants For NFT

To commence planting in the NFT system, we normally start with seeds. Usually, most hydroponic growers prefer starting seeds in cubes and transplanting them into the hydroponic system.

Planting With NFT System

We have concluded that the best plants for NFT systems are mainly leafy greens. The plants should also have minimal root systems, be lightweight, and have a short harvest time.


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