Best Soil For Aloe Vera Plant

The juicy aloe Vera plant is one of the famous succulents know all over the world. They originate from the arid region in the North of Africa. Most aloe Vera thrives in the desert or arid parts and they do not like too much water in their soil.

Aloe Vera needs well-draining soil. Except you live in a desert, planting aloes outdoors especially will require you to amend the soil to suit the nature of your plant. Outdoor aloes will need drainage help, especially for wet climates.

Best Soil for Aloe Vera Plant

One good choice of soil for the Aloe Vera Plant is the commercial cactus mix.

Commercial Cactus Mix For Aloe Vera Plant

Using potting soil for your Aloe Vera plant is alright. But they have to be modified for better drainage.

Potting Soil For Aloe Vera Plant

We will be recommending some commercial soil you can use for your Aloe Vera plant. So read on to find out.

Some Recommended Soil For Aloe Vera Plant


Bonsai Jack Succulent and Cactus Soil – Jacks Gritty Mix Bonsai Jack is a fast-draining potting soil and will be great for your Aloe Vera plant.


The Next Gardener Professional Grower Mix Soil Fast Draining The professional grower mix is one of the best soil mixes for the Aloe Vera plant.


rePotme Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix – Imperial Blend This is another good choice of soil to use for your aloe plant. It is great for various cacti and succulent plants.


Hoffman Organic Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix Hoffman soil mix is specially made for desert plants such as Aloe Vera. 

Regardless of the type of soil you use, when planting in containers, ensure you don’t use too much soil. Aloe Vera plants are shallow-rooted. For this reason, small containers are best used because bigger containers may accumulate moisture and cause root rot.

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