Best Three Way Meter For Measuring PH Light And Moisture

The three-way soil meter for plants allows you to easily monitor the conditions of your plants. Therefore, you get to give your plants the best care by using this gardening tool. In this article, we will be discussing more info on the three-way PH/light/moisture meter, how to use it, and more. So, let’s begin.

The three-way meter PH/light/moisture is a piece of long metal equipment that is usually pushed into the soil. It is used to test measure moisture levels, soil pH, and light intensity.  

More Info On The 3 Way Soil Meter

-The three-way meter will help you monitor the pH range in the soil as they become acidic or alkaline. -The meter will help you test if your plants are receiving optimal sunlight for proper growth. 

More Info On The 3 Way Soil Meter

– Then lastly, the meter will test for moisture level to let you know if your plants require more watering or less watering.

More Info On The 3 Way Soil Meter

One crucial factor that can’t be ignored when growing different plants is the soil pH. The availability of various nutrients and how they are been absorbed by plants largely depend on soil pH.

Importance Of Soil PH In Plant

Sunlight is a key factor in the growth of your plant as it is an important source of energy for all plants. Light gives off energy that is absorbed by plants which feed the process of photosynthesis.

Importance Of Sunlight

When you underwater your plant, it can cause wilting, brown tips of leaves, dryness of leaves, as well as leaf curling.

Importance Of Moisture

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How To Use Three-Way Meter PH/Light/Moisture

Step 1- Soil PH Testing

Step 2- Moisture Testing

Step 3- Light Testing

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