Best Time Of The Season To Harvest Cilantro Seeds

Cilantro is a cool-weathered herb and they are wonderful plants to grow in your garden. Their seeds are known as coriander seeds and both cilantro leaves and seeds are used in different cuisines all over the world. Harvesting cilantro seeds the right way is important and they require maturity before the seeds can be harvested.

Cilantro is one fast and easy to grow herbs that do well in the cool weather of spring and fall. The entire plant including the seeds is used in different recipes. 

Cilantro Plant

Growing cilantro from seeds directly by sowing the seed in a garden bed is pretty easy. If you wish to grow cilantro with the aim of harvesting their seeds, then you should plant seeds 8 inches apart in rows.

Planting Cilantro For Seed Harvest

After 90 days of planting, cilantro seed pods are ready to be harvested. Cilantro seeds are ready for harvest when their appearance looks light brown and the plant will look dried.

When To Harvest Cilantro Seed

Let your cilantro plant enter the bolting stage especially during the hot season. When you notice the leaves and seeds becoming brown, cut off the stem. The harvested stem should be hung upside-down in a paper bag in a cool dry place.

How To Harvest Cilantro

The seeds of cilantro are mostly grounded before use or else they will feel tough to chew. However, you can also use the whole seeds or simply roast the seeds in an oven.

Uses Of Coriander Seed

-Coriander seeds are very  rich in vitamin K, C, B.  -The seeds are rich in other great minerals and it offers antioxidant benefits. -The Oil extracted promoting digestion and gut health.

Health Benefits Of Cilantro Seed

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