Best Time To Harvest Romaine Lettuce

It is pretty easy to grow romaine lettuce so far you grow them in the right season. But when it comes to harvesting romaine lettuce, you need to know the basics. If you pick romaine lettuce too early or at the wrong time, you may get a woody and bitter-tasting lettuce rather than the tender ones.

Romaine lettuce is a crunchy, sturdy, and elongated deep green leaves with great nutritional value. It also forms a closely packed head. This lettuce variety is refreshingly crispy and is popularly used as a base in salads. 

Some Info On Romaine Lettuce

A lot of lettuce varieties can be picked in similar ways.   Romaine lettuce thrives well in cool weather conditions. Therefore, they aren’t so great in hot weather because they can fade quickly.

When To Plant & Harvest Romaine Lettuce

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Guidelines On How To Harvest Romaine Lettuce

1.    Harvesting Individual Leaves 2.    Harvesting Whole Head Romaine Lettuce


First, wash your romaine lettuce under running water to remove dirt. Then put your lettuce inside a container with a lid. Dampen some paper towels and put them on top of your romaine lettuce.

Storing Romaine Lettuce

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