Best Tips To Feed a Pitcher Plant

The Pitcher Plant has many other names, such as Water Lily, Pond Lily, and Water Fern. The plant has a leafless stem, which branches out into a number of leaves, each leaf having a spade-shaped blade. The leaves grow at the top of the stem. At the end of the stem, the plant produces a flower.

The Pitcher Plant is a very small aquatic plant, that can be found in streams and rivers throughout the world. This plant grows in water, but because of its shape, it is often mistaken for a frog or insect. 

About The Pitcher Plant

Nitrogen  Potassium    Phosphorus  Sulfur  Micronutrients  Calcium  Iron  Magnesium  Magnesium

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You will need to source fertilizers that have these nutrients so your plant gets enough. There are a lot of ways to do this, some people use a soil test kit and others buy premade fertilizer products.

Feeding A Pitcher Plant 

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