Can You Compost Cardboard and How To?

Are you planning to start a compost pile? If you are, then you are in the right place. Do we know you might be wondering which materials are compostable? This is why in this guide; we will be discussing how you can compost cardboard papers.

Adding cardboard to your compost is a good way to provide nutrients for your garden plants. It is also a good way for you to reduce paper waste in your home. So if you happen to have a backyard garden, you can toss those empty ...

Why Compost Cardboard?

It doesn’t matter the type of paper; you can include it in your compost bin. Cereal boxes, empty delivery packages, cartons, and other cardboard materials can be composted with the right practice.

Can You Compost Cardboard?

Cardboard paper is a good way to improve the carbon-to-nitrogen content of your compost pile. When adding cardboard papers to a compost heap, you want to avoid adding the colored ...

Adding Cardboard to Compost

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Speeding the Compost Time

‣ Ensuring Materials Are Properly Sized ‣ Turn It Regularly ‣ Maintain a Balanced Ratio ‣Water It Regularly ‣ Use the Right Bin Size

‣ Mulching: You can use cardboard paper to mulch your garden. ‣ Trench Lining System: Cardboard paper can also be used to build a trench lining system in your garden.

Other Uses of Cardboard Paper in the Garden

Cardboard paper is a good compost material you can add to your bin. You want to remember to shred them into tiny pieces and use only plain one sin your compost pile.


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