Can You Compost Wax Paper? What You Need to Know

I tend to use wax paper quite often when kneading bread or rolling out pie crusts before baking. After all, it’s really helpful in preventing food from sticking onto surfaces, not to mention it has various other uses as well.

The answer can be either yes or no. If you’re planning to compost your wax paper after use, then you might want to reconsider. A wax paper can be made of either soybean wax or paraffin.

Can You Compost Wax Paper?

Since paper is generally made from wood, it will appear brown in its natural state. However, to change a paper’s appearance to white (and make it look more appealing)...

Why an Unbleached Paper Matters?

Thick Brush Stroke

What Are Your Options?

From what we have gathered, we can confirm that wax paper is compostable as long as it’s unbleached and coated with soybean wax. However, if you don’t prefer putting it in your compost bin, you can reuse it instead.


Instead of buying paraffin-coated, bleached wax papers the next time you buy on the local grocery, make sure to go for those coated with soybean wax and are unbleached.


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