Can You Eat Cilantro Flowers?

Not every part of most plants is edible. But it helps to know which part of the plant is suitable for consumption. So, if your cilantro plant has probably bolted or it has entered into its flowering stage: not to worry. You can as well enjoy adding cilantro flowers to your various dishes. Generally, cilantro is a tasty herb used in various cooking and they are an excellent source of great vitamins and nutrients.

You can certainly eat cilantro flowers because they are edible. It may please you to also know that all of the parts of cilantro plants are edible including the flower. Even cilantro seeds which are known as coriander seeds are edible. 

Can You Eat Cilantro Flowers?

As we have mentioned, cilantro flowers are safe to eat. Therefore, there aren’t any toxins found in any part of the plant. Hence, they aren’t poisonous and cilantro flowers are edible. You can even incorporate cilantro flowers into various tasty dishes.

Are Cilantro Flowers Poisonous?

We all know cilantro leaves are edible and very flavorful. But most people don’t really know how many parts of cilantro plants are consumable. Well, all parts of cilantro plants are edible! But this does not mean all parts of cilantro plants taste great or are good to be eaten.

Are All Parts Of Cilantro Plants Edible?

Ideally, if you want to enjoy cilantro flowers, it’s only logical to allow them to enter into the flowering or bolting stage. The cilantro plant thrives well in a cool and moist environment.

How To Get Cilantro To Flowering Stage

To determine the taste of cilantro flowers is quite tricky. You may think cilantro flowers taste sweet and mild. But in the actual sense, cilantro flowers have a similar taste to cilantro leaves. They tend to have a milder taste slightly tangy.

How Does Cilantro Flower Taste?

Cilantro flowers can be used as an alternative if you don’t want the flavor of cilantro leaves to overthrow any dish you’re trying to make.

Cilantro Flowers Cooking ApplicationS

We recommend you avoid harvesting cilantro flowers during the middle of the day. This is because the flowers tend to have lower moisture content which makes them wilt and bruise easily.

How To Properly Harvest Cilantro Flower

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