Climbing Bleeding Heart Care And Maintenance Tips

The climbing bleeding heart originates from China.  It is a vigorous vine with lots of delicate cascading golden yellow flowers from mid-summer to frost. It has delicate leaves that look like a fern....

It is easy to propagate climbing bleeding heart by using cuttings or seeds.  Here is how to grow it from a stem cutting.....

Propagating Bleeding Heart Vine

These plants produce seeds that you can save up for the next planting season. The black seeds inside the fruit can be used for propagation. 

Growing From Seed

The best time to transplant this plant is during the dormant period before the spring growing season begins. You can also re-pot your plant when it has outgrown its current pot.....

Potting And Repotting 

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Growing Climbing Bleeding Heart Vine – Care And Maintenance

Light Water The Plant Occasionally  Soil  Fertilization  Pest And Disease Management  Pruning

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