Composting Toilets 101:  Do They Smell?

In the journey towards helping our planet, you have probably turned to reducing, reusing and recycling your trash. One way to do this is by composting all your kitchen organic waste. If you already do that, then you can go one step further by installing a composting toilet.

A composting toilet is a device that by using the natural decomposition and evaporation processes, recycles human waste. In this way, you can reduce your water usage, not only at home but at water treatment facilities.

What is a Composting Toilet

The three tasks that the toilet needs to perform, which we mentioned before, need three separate chambers. The composting chamber, the evaporating chamber, and the finishing drawer.

How do Composting Toilets Work?

The Composting Chamber: Chamber Number 1

In this chamber, the toilet needs to create an ideal environment where the waste can decompose as it would in a regular compost pile. This needs to be warm, moist, with enough organic material and enough air.

The Evaporating Chamber: Chamber Number 2

The evaporating chamber is very different from the first chamber. It has a large surface area, it is well ventilated and it is in direct contact with heat.

The Finishing Drawer: Chamber Number 3

This extra chamber allows compost that is finished to not be contaminated by fresh waste. It also allows the compost enough time to dry out until it is ready to be removed and used.

If you install a composting toilet with a composting unit in the basement of your house, you will not have to worry about the actual compost smelling up your bathroom.

Do Composting Toilets Make your Bathroom Smell Bad?

All in all, composting toilets are an amazing choice for the environment, but they are a big step for most families. You will need to consider how you are going to install them and where. If you live in a house, you need to budget for it as well because they do not come cheap.


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