Do I Need To Use A Trellis For Green Beans

Bush beans come from two types of beans which are pole beans and bush beans. Just as the name implies, these beans grow in a bushy manner. On the other hand, pole beans grow as climbing plants. But we will be focusing more on bush beans. In this post, we will be discussing if bush beans do need a trellis. So let’s get right into this.

The straight-up answer is no! Bush beans don’t require support such as a trellis. This is because bush beans will grow in a busy manner. They will majorly grow up to two feet tall and two feet wide, unlike pole beans that grow in a climbing manner. 

Do Bush Beans Need A Trellis?

Garden bean includes green beans which are also categorized into bush beans and pole beans. They are as well known as common beans. Bush bean is one excellent type of garden crop to grow especially for newbie gardeners.

Garden Bean

Bush beans are a common vegetable garden grown in most homes. Both bush beans and pole beans are scientifically known as Phaseolus vulgari so they are members of the same species.

Beans Bush: What Are They?

Generally, all types of garden beans seeds should be planted after the danger of frost have elapsed. They require warm soil of at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit to grow appropriately.


You should plant bush beans about 1 to 3 inches deep and 3 inches apart. If you’re using sandy soil to plant your bush bean, plant it a little deeper but don’t let it go too deep.

How To Plant Bush Bean

-Watering should be done once per week and water in about 2 to 3 inches deep. - Always weed your garden but do this carefully so you don’t disturb the fragile roots of the bush bean.

Care For Bush Bean

Harvesting of bush beans can be done even before the pods are fully matured and when they are still fragile. This is usually about a week or two weeks after blooming.

Harvesting Bush Bean

Bush bean can be stored in a tight-proof or moisture-proof container inside the refrigerator. You can as well can your beans. Ensure you keep your canning process safe and sterile.


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