Does Acorn Squash Turning Orange Mean It Has Gone Bad?

You may have purchased or harvested a dark green acorn squash and the skin turned orange and you wonder if it’s gone bad. We will discuss this here. The skin of your acorn squash turning orange is not so uncommon. We will be explaining why this is so and we will be discussing more information related to this. So, continue reading to gain some knowledge.

Acorn squash is a winter squash with a mild butter flavor. It can be eaten raw and it’s perfect to be cooked with different dishes. They can be botanically classified as a fruit. But they are as well considered starchy vegetables which can be used just like other high-carb vegetable.

Acorn Squash

Usually, most acorn squash tends to go dark green when ripe. Unless you intentionally planted an orange variety of acorn squash, an orange acorn squash often means they are overripe.

Orange Acorn Squash

Whenever you find that your acorn squash has turned orange you can do or notice the following to see if it is still fine to use:

Orange Acorn Squash

– Cut the acorn squash open and observe the inner part. – The acorn squash should not be moldy or slimy. If it is moldy or slimy. But if it has mold or slimy seeds, it means the acorn squash has gone bad.

Orange Acorn Squash

– There shouldn’t be any soft spot in the outer part or inner flesh. – You can as well tell the condition from the stem of acorn squash.

Orange Acorn Squash

To harvest perfectly ripe acorn squash, ensure they are dark green. Their weight should also be around one to three pounds. If the acorn squash becomes too big, they tend to be stringy and dry.

How To Select The Perfect Acorn Squash

To know if your acorn squash has gone bad, just slice it into two. If you notice there are any moldy, slimy, grey seeds, then it’s a sign the squash has gone bad.

Bad Acorn Squash

How you store your acorn squash can contribute to it turning green to orange. This is why you should know the right way to store them so they remain fine and edible for two or even three months.

How Long Can Acorn Squash Be Stored?

-Store acorn squash in a cool, dark,  dry place.  -You can as well store acorn squash  in the fridge.

How Long Can Acorn Squash Be Stored?

-You can also cook acorn squash first and then freeze them.  -Ensure you store them above a temperature of 50 degree Fahrenheit

How Long Can Acorn Squash Be Stored?

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