Does Sweet Basil Fall Under The Category Of Perennial?

Basil is a very useful herb that many gardeners love to grow. We also love to incorporate them in our meal because they will offer our meal that distinctive flavor and they can be used in salads, pizza, pasta, and many other dishes.

 Sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) also known as the common basil and this is an annual plant and not a perennial plant. This implies that sweet basil needs to be replanted every season.

Is Sweet Basil A Perennial Plant?

So, does basil grow back? The sweet basil variety does not come back or grow back every year because it isn’t a perennial plant but an annual plant.

Does Basil Come Back Every Year?

Basil is a warm loving plant that will only thrive well in the warm season. You can grow basil from their seed or simply form their cuttings.

Growing Sweet Basil

Growing basil indoors is also a great idea. It is possible to grow basil all year round indoors using containers. You can grow basil outdoors during summer then you take them indoors during fall.

Indoor Basil Growth

A basil plant that is healthy and robust can definitely reseed itself if you leave it to flower. This is because naturally, the plant’s natural lifecycle is meant to germinate, flower, and yield seeds.

Is Re-seeding Possible With Basil?

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