Does The Color Of Light Affect Plants Growth

A common question asked among growers is: how does different color light affect plant growth? The answer is yes! The color of light sure has an effect on plants’ growth and we will be discussing why this is so.

The light that your grow light emits comes in a different spectrum for the use of your plants’ growth. The color of grow light you supply your plant will not only have an effect on your plant, but it will also determine the result of your plants’ development.

How Does The Color Of Light Affect Plant Growth

Blue, red, green, yellow, and a couple of other light colors are essential in the plants’ life cycle. Let’s take a look at some of this color of light and see how they affect the growth of your plant:

Some Important Color Of Light Used By Plants

Blue Light Blue light has a short wavelength and high energy in the color spectrum which makes them easy to absorb by plants.


Red Light Red light has a long wavelength therefore their energy level is not so great for plants.


The red and blue light are a great combination and they are needed as your plant matures.

Red & Blue Light Combination

Violet Or Purple Light Violet light or purple light is an additional light that your plant will benefit from.


Greenlight The effect of green light on plant growth is not so much. The reason being that most plants are already green in color thus will reflect green rather than absorb them.


Yellow light does not have much effect on the growth of a plant. They are just like green lights which are difficult for plants to absorb.


Ultraviolet light is known to be harmful to humans. So, just as ultraviolet light is harmful to humans, high exposure is also bad for plants.

Ultraviolet Light

Thick Brush Stroke

Best Color For Plants That Will Affect Their Growth

The best and most important colors for the development of your plant are the red and blue light colors. Blue light is ideal for the early plant stage such as seedlings.


The colors of light contribute a lot during different growth stages in a plant’s life cycle. Light colors will also increase help the yield of your crop production in many ways. 


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