Easy Guide: Composting Cow Manure

Animal manures have been used in agriculture as a fertilizer to enrich the soil. Dungs from different livestock animals and poultry such as chickens and pigs are utilized.

Composting is the process of putting together biologic and organic remnants. Examples of these biodegradable residues include food wastes and scraps, straw, leaf clippings, and of course, animal excrements.

What is Composting?

Composting is used to improve soil fertility; the soil’s capability to store and hold water and moisture; the organic characteristics of the soil; and lastly, it’s volume and density.

Benefits of Compost

How long does it take cow manure to compost? Normally, the process takes 3 months or less for cow manure to compost.

Longevity in Making Compost from Cow Manure

Thick Brush Stroke

Making a Compost

Choosing the Site


Pile Dimension


Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio



Overall, composting has benefits that can help the soil and the environment as well. This method is practical in a way that it can help eliminate waste by solving it practically and environmentally.


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