Efficient Method To Propagate Fig Tree

Fig tree can be propagated from seed, grafts, or cuttings. The best time to plant fig tree is during spring. This tree is drought tolerant but needs regular watering to survive. If you are looking to buy a fig tree, we recommend you to purchase one from a reputable nursery. Fig trees take at least 10 years to grow to maturity.

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How To Propagate Fig Tree?

The propagation of fig tree is quite simple. You can either propagate your fig tree by seeds, cuttings or grafting.  

Through Seed:Seeds are used for direct seeding. You can sow the seeds directly in your garden or in a pot.   Through Cutting: For this method, you will need a cutting from your tree.   Through Grafting: You will need a branch with a lot of leaves from your fig tree.

How To Propagate Fig Tree

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