Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Metal Halide

One excellent type of high intensity discharge grow light that can do great works on your indoor plant is ceramic metal halide. In this article, we will be bringing light to the things you need to know about ceramic metal halide. So, if you’re keen on getting to know more about ceramic metal halide, you’ve come to the right place.

Ceramic metal halide is typically a variation and a better version of metal halide (MH). The material is more stable compared to the quartz glass used in MH lamps.

What Exactly Is Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lights?

Benefits Of Using Ceramic Metal Halide

· Durability · Offers A Balanced Spectrum · Offers More Color Rendering Index

Drawback Of Using CMH

1. Thermal Output 2. Offers Weaker Flowering Light Stage Compared To HPS 3. Initial Investment

Ceramic Metal Halide Spectrum

CMH offers a more complete PAR spectrum in a single grow light compared to other HID bulbs such as MH and HSP lights.

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