Everything You Need To Know About Grow Light Ballasts

Grow lights ballasts are required in traditional tube fluorescent bulbs as well as all high-intensity bulbs.  The absence of ballast in your indoor grow space will not make your grow light come on if you’re using high-intensity discharge (HID).  So, we will enlighten you on what you need to know about grow light ballasts so you know their importance for your plants’ growing needs.

The hydroponic nutrient solution is an essential constituent in the process of growing plants in hydroponics. It is a liquid composition that contains all the essential nutrients part required for the growth of plants. 

What Is Grow Light Ballasts: What Do Grow Ballast Do?

Grow lights are low resistance and they make use of two mechanisms to light up which are electrical arc and gas.

How A Grow Lights Ballasts Operate

There are two types of fluorescent ballasts namely electronic ballast and magnetic ballast. You can choose either type for your plants’ growing needs.

Types Of Fluorescent Grow Lights Ballasts: Electronic Vs. Magnetic Ballast

1. Magnetic Ballast: makes use of a magnetic coil in form of a big spool of wire wound about sheets of steel.  2. Electronic Ballast: makes use of semiconductors and microchips to supply the required high voltage.

How Electronic & Magnetic Ballast Work

These digital ballasts are very efficient and will do more of what electronic ballast will do. However, these types of ballasts are more expensive.

Growing Light Digital Ballast

LED grow lights do not require ballasts. This is because they can be easily plugged into a direct standard electrical outlet. They work in a totally different technique and they just require direct current.

Do LED Grow Lights Require Ballasts?

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