Everything You Need to Know Regarding Raised Garden Beds

If you’re struggling with keeping your garden organized, then you might surely appreciate raised garden beds. After all, raised bed gardens allow you to maintain your plants with ease while keeping your garden orderly at the same time. 

On average, raised beds normally span between 3-4 feet wide and 6-8 feet long. With this, you can reach into the bed with ease from the side to start planting your crops and removing weed without the need to step inside the garden. As a result, you’ll be avoiding ...

Raised Garden Bed Considerations



The amount of soil you need for your raised bed will actually depend on a few factors. To help you determine, you can instead use some soil calculators out there, such as this one from Gardener’s Supply.

Soil Type

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Why You’d Want to Consider Raised Bed Gardening

Easy Maintenance


With a raised bed, you can easily maintain your garden and tend your plants. This is because there’s no need to bend over as it’s basically elevated above the ground. This removes any strain on the back and knees which is common on traditional gardening.

Another thing that makes raised bed gardening appealing is the fact that you can reduce the total number of weeds in your garden. There are several reasons for this; however, it mostly has to do with the design.

Less Weeds

Once you have set up your raised garden bed, you have the freedom to plant it with any type of vegetable you want. If you’re a fan of salad, you can choose to plant ...

What You Want to Plant

With a raised garden bed, you can have an easier and more enjoyable means of gardening. You can benefit from its easy maintenance, aesthetic value, less weed issues, and possible erosion prevention.


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