Find Out How To Pick Basil Leaves

When growing basil at home, you have enough reasons to pick these leaves and use them for cooking purposes or just for aesthetic appeal. When harvesting your leaves from this herb, it is important that you only harvest when your leaves are vibrant in color and when they have a nice smell. So, continue to read to find out.

The right time to pick basil leaves is when they are a deeper green in color and when they have a distinct smell. It is advised that you do not pick basil when it is flowering as this will stop the growth of the plant.

When To Pick Basil Leave

If you are growing basil for cooking purposes, when is it ready to harvest?  It takes about 50 days from planting for basil to be ready for harvesting.

When Is Basil Ready For Harvest?

When harvesting basil leaves, choose to pluck the leaves from the top part of the basil stem. This is the part of this plant that is most flavorful.

How To Pick Basil Leaves So It Keeps Growing

You can pick basil leaves when they are young and when they have a nice green color. Also, when the plant has flowers starting to grow on its stems, it’s best not to remove them so you can harvest basil for longer periods.

What Leaves To Pick Off Basil When Harvesting?

If you notice the leaves starting to branch out when harvesting, this means that your plant can continue growing more even as you harvest.

Take-Home On When To Pick Basil LeaveS

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