Find Out How To Turn Horse Manure In to Compast

The problem most gardeners face is knowing how to compost horse manure fast. It is unsafe to use fresh horse manure on your soil; you have to compost it first, this should not be difficult once you have access to all the primary material, which is horse dung. So, please continue to read to find out.

There are different methods you can try when composting horse manure.  It doesn’t matter which method you choose provided you get the required result, which is rich humus.  

How to Compost Horse Manure Fast?

Hot Composting  In hot composting, microbial activity is heightened by using specific equipment to speed up the process. 

compost method for your horse manure

Cold Composting  It is the direct opposite of hot composting. Here, you are not required to turn the compost pile as often as you would. It is the simplest method of composting, and best for lazy gardeners. 

compost method for your horse manure

·  Pick a Good Location ·  Choose A Bin or Pile System  ·  Use Carbon-rich Materials  ·  Cover the Pile  ·  Keep it Airy  ·  Turn the Compost  ·  Keep it Moist  ·  Give it Time

Steps to Compost Horse Manure 

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